Lemon Poppy Seed

Lemon Poppy Seed

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[4oz - 12ct Box]


Refreshing from start to finish, our plant-based protein Lemon Poppy Seed Complete Cookie combines sweet and tart flavors for a lemony treat. Every scrumptious bite will leave you wondering where they hid the “healthy” stuff.

Soft and chewy with lots of lemon and zest, this vegan protein cookie provides a delightful tang that is perfectly matched with the delicate crunch of poppy seeds. A word of caution, these lemon poppy seed cookies are extremely addicting! Try one today to see what all the fuss is about.

Dimensions: 4.875"w x 4.687"h x 10.125"d
Weight: 3.7 lbs

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Nutrition Info

INGREDIENTSEnriched Wheat Flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), Protein Blend (vital wheat gluten, pea protein, rice protein), Chicory Root Fiber, Cane Sugar, Invert Sugar, Palm Fruit Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Poppy Seeds, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Yellow Color, Baking Soda, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum.
ALLERGENS: Contains Wheat. 
*Manufactured in a facility that also processes Peanut, Tree Nut, Soy, Milk and Egg.

DISCLAIMER: Please note we have made some positive improvements to our ingredients over the last few months. The ingredients shown on this website may differ slightly from what you buy from us or in the stores based on available inventories. If your order is contingent upon avoiding a certain ingredient, please contact us at help@lennylarry.com to ensure your order receives special attention and handling.

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Customer Reviews

This Lemon poppyseed flavor it their best flavor! That being said I have tried almost every flavor of Larry and Lenny cookie and found most of them really great.
I would NEVER recommend taking these backpacking as they fall apart and don't hold up well to being squished or crumpled. They still taste great but will not be in an easy to eat cookie shape.
I have a plethora of food allergies yet I can actually eat these cookies, so for me it is like eating a store bought cookie (which never happens to me) and a light-on-protein bar into one.
By Angela S. on Oct 3rd, 2018

I first saw this at my gym and tried it, loved it and have one almost everyday it is filling and satisfies my cookie craving while keeping it healthy
By Christine M. on Mar 24th, 2018

Yes, I like it because it is a portable meal that can save me when there's no time to eat
before a meeting when my stomach might grumble. But if only the cookie had less sugar! 12 grams
are too many, and 10 not that much better. Since you are such wizards with protein, why
not try some non-sweet taste effects for those of us trying to save our brains from sugar overload.
By Deborah T. on Mar 22nd, 2018

I love these cookies! The lemon poppy seed is one of my favorites. I also really like the white chocolate macadamia nut and peanut butter flavors. The are great for a meal replacement while on the go. I wish you would consider making the lemon poppy seed or white chocolate macadamia nut in the 2oz option.
By MaryBeth M. on Oct 8th, 2017

AMAZING!!!! Seriously.... this is the most enjoyable way to get protein.... so delicious and amazing texture.
By Ashlyn B. on Sep 26th, 2017

Love this Lemon Poppy Seed! It is very light and flavorful tasting!
By Michael O. on Sep 11th, 2017

When are you getting the lemon poppyseed it just says coming soon!
By Cameron C. on Feb 24th, 2017

So yummy but so hard to find.
By Charlotte S W. on Feb 24th, 2017

Good cookies, but the old formula was better in taste, although the new one has an overall better texture. Still holding out hope for the ultimate version that combines both this one's improved texture and moisture and the old one's taste.
By Russell G. on Feb 16th, 2017

Please make in 2 oz size !
By Donna B. on Feb 4th, 2017

Very good
By Diane B. on Jan 22nd, 2017

This is the best tasting one yet! I microwave my cookies for 30 secs before eating. They are amazing!
By Siobhann S. on Dec 16th, 2016

Lemon Poppyseed is the best flavor EVER! To me, it tastes like a lemon poppyseed muffin, with less fat and the bonus of protein! It's hard to stop at 1/2 a cookie, but that gives me something to look forward to later!
By Yolanda M on Dec 1st, 2016

Best flavor EVER - just wish it wasn't so difficult to find!
By Cori P. on Oct 31st, 2016

By and far my favorite flavor!
By Jas H. on Sep 8th, 2016

I wanted something different because I have tried the chocolate chip cookie before and wanted something much different without chocolate.
It was nice, soft and sweet but not overly sweet. I am a fan of the Lemon Poppy.
By Gab on Jul 20th, 2016

I love them, but can you please make your cookies softer. they have been super hard lately.
By Alexis M. on Jun 28th, 2016

BEST COOKIE EVER (-: good for the gains
By Ruben V. on Jun 21st, 2016

poppy seed is my fav, I can't believe it has no egg. I am hooked!
By k h. on May 31st, 2016

best cookies ever to eat a cookie and not feel guilty great product
By edward p. on May 2nd, 2016

LOVE the Lemon Poppy Seed cookie. It is so fluffy and moist. Always my go to night time snack!
By Tyler T. on Apr 28th, 2016

As with all Complete Cookies the texture was moist and fluffy. Absolutely indulgent. The flavor was lemony goodness. However, I feel like the flavor belongs more in a muffin. Still a great cookie!
By justine p. on Apr 20th, 2016

I love this cookie!! It's my absolute fav out of the ones I can find , I can only find these at some gas stations and Walmart which is the best cause they sell 4 packs for only $5.48!!!!! That's cheaper then their own website, but they only have prong sl or snicker doodle I get the later one course original isn't really my thing but if it's the only option I have it will do sometimes . The lemon poppy is my fav by far, but I haven't gotten to try out the birthday cake or the other newer one . It's almost like having a lemon poppy seed muffin I love it sooo much , wish I could find them easier Cassie I only can find the at one gas station and when they are sold out I'm screwed
By Theresa T. on Mar 21st, 2016

One of my absolute favorite cookies! Perfect for traveling...throw it in your bag and skip all the overpriced junk at the airport
By Stephanie N. on Feb 9th, 2016

By OLIVER M. on Feb 5th, 2016