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Chocolate Chip

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At Lenny and Larry’s, The Chocolate Chip Complete Cookie has been a crowd-pleaser since the day we set up shop. Satisfyingly firm and chewy, our delectable plant-based chocolate chip cookie is lovingly sprinkled with sizeable semi-sweet morsels of chocolate throughout. Keep with tradition by pairing your cookie with a tall glass of ice cold milk.

Now in a 2 oz. single serving size!

Dimensions: 4.875"w x 3.875"h x 7.875"d
Weight: 2 lbs

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Chocolate Chip
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Nutrition Info

INGREDIENTS: Enriched Wheat Flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), Protein Blend (vital wheat gluten, pea protein, rice protein), Chicory Root Fiber, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, dextrose, natural vanilla extract), Cane Sugar, Invert Sugar, Vegetable Glycerine, Palm Fruit Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Flavor, Baking Soda, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum.                                                                                         

ALLERGENS: Contains Wheat.

*Manufactured in a facility that also processes Peanut, Tree Nut, Soy, Milk and Egg.

Please note we have made some positive improvements to our ingredients over the last few months. The ingredients shown on this website may differ slightly from what you buy from us or in the stores based on available inventories. If your order is contingent upon avoiding a certain ingredient, please contact us at to ensure your order receives special attention and handling.

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Customer Reviews

Great cookies but not soy free? Vegetable glycerine is still listed in the ingredients and it typically contains soy. Can you specify exactly what is in your vegetable glycerine?
By Paul L. on Feb 19th, 2019

I Love your Cookies! But I'm going Gluten Free and I would Love to see a Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookie on the line up Please! :) Thank You for Baking all of these Tasty Treats!
By DANIEL M. on May 17th, 2018

I always have at least one of this flavor in my desk drawer at work. So amazing. It's perfect. It takes all day to eat because it is so filling in the 4oz ..... but so delicious.... totally worth it.
By Ashlyn B. on Sep 26th, 2017

Great cookie!.....Wish more stores carried them in my area... can only find at Wal-Mart.
By Blake M. on Jul 31st, 2017

2 oz cookies are a great change and have better consistency!!! I cannot tell you how many times I get stuck not wanting to finish the 4 oz 360 calorie cookie. It's too much in one serving if you just want a snack.
By William G. on Jan 30th, 2017

The 4oz cookie is more moist and has more flavor. Will the 4 oz be available soon?
By Carol S. on Jan 15th, 2017

These are great especially when trying to eat healthy but need a treat. I love the 2oz size ones cause let's face it can't only eat a half a cookie. These newer 2oz size are great for kids, my 5 year old kids one of these in his lunch for school. Energy and protein, just wanted to say thanks.
By Casey C. on Jan 9th, 2017

This is a review for the 2oz cookie.

The 2oz cookie does not taste the same as the 4oz. Save you calories (and money) and buy the 4oz cookie. The smaller single serving cookie is dryer, and thinner. The Chocolate Chip flavor is ok but the Snickerdoodle (2oz) tastes stale. Unless I got a bad batch (and I bought 6 boxes total), stick with the 4oz cookies.
By M T. on Nov 30th, 2016

I would like to begin by saying those who are upset with the nutrition and packaging and mad they can't eat the whole cookie . Yes you can! Just fit it into your meal plan. It's a COMPLETE COOKIE ! I have it with a homemade smoothie with fruits and veggies and it fills me up from lunch around 12pm until 6pm. This was made for people to enjoy eating cookies in a healthy way. If you're so upset about it go eat a box of Oreos who eats 2 Oreos ..? Exactly . Also this is a really really BIG cookie it fills you up so share it if you're worried about calories or save the rest for the next day. Me personally I eat the whole cookie , while I'm loosing weight ! It's also nice to grab a fruit and have this cookie in the morning if you would rather that than stoping into a coffee shop to get a junk cookie with a sugary drink.

I have tried the chocolate chip and it's amazing I purchased two boxes of 12 and this week I will be trying the birthday cake and white chocolate macadamia in the single packs and I'll be back with another review. I am NOT vegan but my vegan friends are the ones who demanded I tried this cookie and I give it a 10/10.

Thank You!
By Ashley D on Oct 26th, 2016

I've been eating these cookies for 4 years. I got my husband addicted to them as well. I'm bummed, they seemed to have changed their chocolate chips from semi-sweet to milk chocolate. I think maybe buying the direct may be smarter then through the grocery store as they sometimes taste stale. The double chocolate chip will be my goto but I hope they didn't change those chips too.
By Tammy K. on Oct 18th, 2016

OK So the dumb A$$ that said there is only 8G of protein in his Cookies well if you were smart enough to do a little math you would see there are 2 servings per container so if you take 8G of protein x that by 2 servings, that would =16G of Protein. Other than this guy giving me a migraine these Cookies are amazing.
By S.Meek on Oct 17th, 2016

Hey, Kathy you idiot. It says 8g of protein because its 2 servings per cookie. Hence 16g for the whole cookie. Learn to read.
By Sergio B. on Oct 2nd, 2016

I absolutely love all the "free of" on this cookie but I'm so disappointed it's not gluten free. For being geared twds healthy I was surprised. I'm all about vegan and plan based. The taste is bearable, not something I would crave. Hoping for future gluten free items!
By Danielle W. on Sep 19th, 2016

LOVE THESE and so does my 11 year old! I needed to find a protein bar that didn't contain nuts or soy due to recent allergies and this was the winner by far! Buying lots in bulk now as I eat one every day before going to work out.
By DAWN L. on Sep 18th, 2016

I found these at Wal-Mart in my quest to find a protein bar. I bought these instead and was really surprised at how good they are. I will definitely be buying more!
By Chris B. on Sep 4th, 2016

This was FANTASTIC cookie. Enjoyed every bite. My 11 year old son even loved it! Will be ordering me some more.
By Catherine T. on Aug 10th, 2016