Double Chocolate Complete Cookies

A Chocolate Lover’s Dream!

My mouth sometimes acts like Pavlov’s Dog just at the mention of chocolate. If you are like me in this regard, then you are going to love Lenny and Larry’s chewy, delectably sinful double chocolate cookies. Every single bite is filled with velvety chocolate, guaranteed to make any chocoholic quiver with delight. Close your eyes and take a bite, and you’ll be transported to chocolate utopia. I’m not kidding!

What I really love about this cookie is that there’s no guilt in adding it to my daughter’s lunch box. Whether she has it as an after school snack, or as a treat after dinner, it’s nice for once not having to say “no honey, no more sweets today.” Seriously, they are soft and rich, and taste like pure chocolate heaven.

I love that this cookie is better for you than most cookies, too! As someone who works out and is mindful of what I eat, having a cookie with such high protein and fiber content along with no dairy or soy, I’m truly a happy camper!

But wait, there’s more! Yay for no high fructose corn syrup. That sweetness leads to no guilt for me (or my family) when enjoying it.

Lenny and Larry’s double chocolate cookie is the perfect treat that you can feel good about eating and giving to your children. It has all of the delicious goodness that you are looking for in a cookie and none of the artificial sweeteners and fillers that you don’t want.

Don’t hesitate to give these cookies a try. Not only will you love them for their taste, you are going to love them for what they are and what they aren’t!

Double Chocolate

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[4oz - 12ct Box]


Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. If you love chocolate as much as we do, you’ll love our plant-based double chocolate chip cookies that give you the chocolate mega dose you’ve been looking for.

These rich and satisfying vegan protein cookies are generously sprinkled with sizeable semi-sweet chocolate chips that give the cookie even more substance. Chase away your hunger and pair with your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt. You’ll love every delicious morsel.

Dimensions: 4.875"w x 4.687"h x 10.125"d
Weight: 3.7 lbs