Birthday Cake Complete Cookies

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

If you love frosting, you are going to LOVE this cookie!!

I had my daughter take a bite without telling her the name of this cookie and she said “it tastes like a vanilla cake with vanilla icing and sprinkles on top.” The words of a 9 year old verbatim! I can definitely concur that if you are craving a piece of birthday cake when your birthday is far off on the horizon, Lenny and Larry’s Birthday Cake cookie will definitely fit the bill!

These cookies taste like they are made with batter that is not only golden and delicious, but the best part…..they are full of protein and fiber, meaning that you can enjoy them knowing you’re getting some of the stuff your body needs. Seriously, a win for everyone!

I love that each cookie is topped with rainbow sprinkles to make it look like a birthday cake. But the big surprise is also finding the sprinkles INSIDE the cookie as well! My guess is that’s what Lenny and Larry’s secret is to this birthday cake cookie. That and not adding any of the bad stuff like high fructose corn syrup makes serving dessert a guilt free experience.

I am so impressed with Lenny and Larry’s Birthday Cake cookie that I plan on serving these at my daughter’s next birthday party. With all the junk that gets served at parties nowadays, it would give me peace of mind to actually provide something beneficial for the kids that isn’t green and leafy! I bet with a serving of refreshing berries I am going to make the kids happy and their parents even happier.

3 cheers for this flavor Lenny and Larry’s. It’s definitely a keeper!

Birthday Cake

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[4oz - 12ct Box]


What’s more fun than celebrating a birthday? Even if it’s not your birthday, get the party started with Lenny & Larry's delicious vegan Birthday Cake Complete Cookie!

Made with plant-based proteins-rich golden batter, this nutritious and delicious vegan protein cookie provides everything you need anytime you need a pick-me-up. And this cake isn’t just topped with colorful rainbow sprinkles—it’s filled with them for a sweet and playful crunch in every bite.

Dimensions: 4.875"w x 4.687"h x 10.125"d
Weight: 3.7 lbs